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Support for Malaita MPs to meet premier

12 October 2019
Part of the crowd that attended the public forum organised by Malaita for Democracy (M4D). [Photo: Solomon Lofana]


in Auki 


HUNDREDS of people attended a public forum Malaita for Democracy (M4D) civil society group organised at provincial capital Auki, Friday.

The event was organised to allow ordinary Malaitans to express their views of current political and leadership issues.

Resolution from yesterday’s event will be presented to the 14 Malaita MPs who are expected to convene in Auki Tuesday next week to meet Premier Daniel Suidani.

Issues discussed include the call for Malaita to secede from Solomon Islands, lack of consultation by Malaita MPs before supporting the China switch and failure by the national government to listen to the views of the people.

Those who spoke said they wanted the Malaitan MPs who supported the switch to go to Auki next week and explain the reason for their decision.

A youth advocator Ali Alabana stated Malaita can only develop and progress when its 14 MPs work together with the provincial government.

“For us youths, we can only work with government and leaders who lend their ears to the cries of the youth,” Alabana said.

Women who spoke say the 14 MPs must return to the province to explain their decision to support the China switch.

President of Ward 2 council of women Joy Salome Iro expressed that the government decision to switch has created confusion to the people.

“The rush decision is a concern for women and children. So our MPs must come back and explain things to the people,” Iro said.

She said her council fully supports the proposed meeting between the premier and the 14 MPs.