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Solar project to cut school’s power bill

12 October 2019
Selwyn College Principal Naphtali Lakwolly. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

PRINCIPAL of Selwyn College Naphtali Lakwolly says the Photovoltaic (PV) and Diesel Generator jointly funded by the European Union and the government will definitely cut the school’s budget for electricity supply.

Lakwolly said it is estimated that the school’s expenditure on energy will be reduced to approximately 60 per cent.

He stated this at the inauguration of the PV Solar and Diesel Electricity Generation System, Tuesday this week which was attended by a delegation from EU.

The delegation is being led by the EU’s Designated Ambassador Pacific, Mr. His Excellency (HE) Sujiro Seam.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr Lakwolly said the electricity the energy system provides is 24 hours seven days a week.

“….the PV Solar and Diesel electricity will improve teaching and learning services of students and also extended the availability of internet services.

“Even though the project is small, it will reduce greenhouse gas emission, provide clean energy and mitigate climate change.”

Selwyn College is the first school in the country to have such a beneficiary project funded by the European Union which is implemented by the Solomon Islands Government.

Speaking on behalf of the EU, HE Seam thanked the teachers and students of the school for their warmth hospitality in his first visit to the Solomon Islands and the College.

He said he has spent his life working for EU and he is so privileged to attend the inauguration of the PV Hybrid Electricity System, as one of its donor.

“Without this project, I won’t see the beauty and peaceful Solomon Islands.

“Today we came to talk about your future. This project is about fighting climate change.

“There is no more threatening danger than climate change, to the government of Solomon Islands and its people,” he said.

He said climate change is an essential threat. 

“We have to fight climate change so that you have the future and one way is to donate such essential project like the PV Hybrid Solar Power System,” HE Seam told the students.

He said this project is all about renewable energy, to reduce gas emission and promoting a sustainable way in renewable energy for everyone.

“This project is for your future because this is a school, and this is where leaders of this country is educated and human resources where invested.”

“We are happy about EU for providing this first project to Solomon Islands at school like Selwyn.”

According to HE Seam, the new facilities is a state of the art technology, batteries, solar panels and diesel generator which will provide electricity for the entire school and also providing water through extracting water from boreholes through water pump.

In the meantime, HE Seam calls on Selwyn students and staff members and also the government of Solomon Islands to work together by fighting climate change.