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Constituency funds new police post

12 October 2019
Official guests that attended that opening of the Tatamba police post.

THE newly opened Tatamba Police Post costs $700,000.

And funding comes from the Gao-Bugotu Constituency Office.

Gao-Bugotu MP Samuel Manetoali earlier told the Solomon Star he decided to fund the project because of delays by the Ministry of Police, National Security and Correctional Services.

The project includes the police post and staff house.

According to Manetoali, $400,000 was for the post while $300,000 was for the staff house.

Manetoali said the ministry has agreed and appreciated what the Constituency has offered as it would speed up what they have in place for the Police Post after its completion.

“As soon as we complete the building project, the Ministry is ready to put officers to man the police post,” he said.

He added the police post was part of his initiative towards expanding Tatamba into a future growth centre.

Minister of Police, National Security and Correctional Services, Anthony Veke travelled with other officials to Tatamba on Thursday to officially receive the completed facility.

Supervising Commissioner of Police Juanita Matanga during the event thanked those responsible for the completion of the project.

 “Through such partnership we can make a difference in our communities, constituencies and the province as a whole.

“It is good that we work to develop our country because the development of our country rests in our hands as citizens.

“We do not expect anyone to come and make a difference in our communities,” she said.

“As you can see this ceremony comprises of different government ministries, Member of Parliament for Goa-Bugotu and the Isabel Provincial executive. 

“They are the ones who work together to set up this police post. 

“This same model should be used by other constituencies to work together with provincial governments and other relevant ministries so that services go down to our people,” Matanga said.

She urged the provincial police commander for Isabel Province to make sure his officers are deployed to the new police post to serve the people there.