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In Court with Assumpta Buchanan

12 October 2019
  • Gold dealer to face court
  • Alleged robber to face court again
  • Possible plea on manslaughter next 

Gold dealer to face court

THE gold dealer accused of diverting more than $400,000 worth of money and properties from his buyers is expected to be present in court on October 25.

That is the final interim mention date for Michael Bosa, who faces eight counts of conversion to face before his trial starts on October 28.

His trial will continue through to November 8.

This is the second trial conducted into Bosa’s case.

The first trial was conducted in 2015.

Prosecution at that time completed their case and the defence had already started but is yet to be completed before former Deputy Chief Magistrate Shepherd Lapo.

However, since Lapo had since retired, the fresh trial will now be conducted before Principal Magistrate Fatima Taeburi.

Bosa was accused of converting more than $400,000 intended to buy gold for two expats.

Three of the conversion charges against Bosa which totalled up to $160, 000 and an Apple Ipod worth $25,000 relates to the first Complainant Anthony David Coleman whom is a New Zealander.

He is the owner and managing director of New Zealand Gold Merchant operating in New Zealand.

The remaining charges involving more than $260,000 plus three laptops, a nitric acid, two scales, a loupe, mortice and a 500 GB HDD worth at 9,600 is in relation to the second Complainant Clinton Cain from Australia who owns the Solomon Island Gold Pty Ltd. 

Bobby Harunari is representing Bosa while Police Prosecutor John Palmer is prosecuting. 

Alleged robber to face court again


A MAN accused of being part of a group who robbed the ANZ bank Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) at Kwaimani Building in East Honiara in 2014 will appear in court on Monday next week.

This is for a possible voir dire (trial within a trial) that will be conducted on Dilo Faiga’s matter.

The confirmation if the voir dire will be conducted will be made in court on Monday next week before Principal Magistrate Felix Hollison.

Faiga who faces charges of armed robbery and malicious damage is contesting admission made during the record of interview with the police.

The trial proper will commence soon after the voir dire is being dealt with.

Faiga was co-accused with Severio Sulimae and a security officer Joe Silas in relation to the alleged robbery on the night of 25 July 2014.

Sulimae was sentenced to four and a half years in jail in 2017 after he confessed to the ATM robbery

Silas who later became a prosecution witness unfortunately died in 2016.

It was alleged that Faiga was part of the group of men that went in a car driven by Sulimae to Kwaimani Building.

The car had a fake registration number plate.

Using a crow bar, the men allegedly uprooted the ANZ ATM, carried it to their vehicle and went to Henderson.

The machine contained more than $400,000.

It was alleged that at Henderson, they opened the machine and only took more than $200,000 from the top tray as they could not opened the bottom tray.

Faiga is currently remanded in custody following his arrest last year in North Malaita.

He failed to appear in court in 2017 and was on the run since then until last year.

Lazarus Waroka of Public Solicitor’s Office is representing Faiga while Public Prosecutor Bradley Dalipanda is appearing for the Crown.


Possible plea on manslaughter next 

THE man accused of the death of a man at Lungga, East Honiara in July is now facing a lesser charge of manslaughter.

Peter Kukiti was initially charged with murder.

That charge is now reduced to manslaughter due to lack of evidence to sustain the murder charge.

Kukiti appeared in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court yesterday and his matter further adjourned to October 25, for a possible plea.

The alleged incident occurred on 7 July, 2019 at Lungga, where police alleged the deceased and the accused involved in a fight.

Police alleged that the deceased was allegedly involved in a stealing incident in the area which resulted in a fight between the accuse d and the deceased on the night of July 6.

Following the fight, it was alleged that the deceased sustained injuries and lost blood.

He died later at the (NRH) National Referral Hospital.

Andrew Bosa of Public Solicitor’s Office appears for the accused while Public Prosecutor Vernon Taupongi appears for the Crown.