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DCGA, Guadalcanal policy frameworks aligned, say Maelanga 

13 October 2019
Acting Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga.

Acting Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga says the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) and the Guadalcanal province do share the same basic principles and ambitions in their policy framework.

Maelanga said policy frameworks ensuring that both Guadalcanal Province and Solomon Islands can benefit from policy programs that are currently undertaken for the socio-economic wellbeing.

He said with the recent launching of the Guadalcanal policy framework, the DCGA is proud and willing to be a partner to implement the framework.

He said just few months ago, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare launched the “Policy Strategy and Translation” Document, outlining the 4 year development programs for the “DCGA” Government. 

He said the policy document comprises major strategic areas on fundamental reform programs and sectorial reform programs. 

“The policy highlights strengthening of the productive sectors with emphasis of local businesses in collaboration with foreign investors.

“It promotes primary production on agriculture, fisheries, mining and sustainable forest management, emphasising resource owner participation and ownership.

“On the same front, it advocates stronger infrastructure development initiatives and robust government institutions for effective service delivery and rural development,” he added.

Maelanga said the policy also highlights legislative reforms in key sectors such as health and education, governance and in inclusion of Churches, Women, Traditional leaders and other development stakeholders.

He said the Policy statement calls mainly for cooperation and understanding among the different facets of our community for strategic development progress. 

“This call for cooperation should form the basis on our understanding and support, when delivering government services to our people,” he said.

The Acting PM said it is in the best interest of the DCGA Government to support and ensure any development and its associated benefits empowers our rural people in Guadalcanal and other parts of Solomon Islands. 

He said the National Government believes in cordial participation and shared decision-making in utilizing our resources. 

“Therefore, the National Government has a strong interest in ensuring that implementation of policy programs in the various sectors of our communities are practical, achievable and beneficial to the socio-economic needs of its people,” he said.

Maelanga said in terms of the Productive sector, the National Government focuses on Agriculture and Livestock development, Tourism development, trade and commerce, Aviation and telecommunication, infrastructure development, Fisheries and Marine resources development, and Lands Housing and Survey. 

“The Government is committed to ensure that these sectors and their industries benefit the needs of ordinary Solomon islanders,” he said.

He said in the resources sector, there is also greater focus on Mines and Energy, Forestry management, Environment conservation and Climate change as well as rural development. 

“As stipulated by Prime Minister’s speech, Solomon islanders should have access to affordable, reliable, modern and clean energy. 

“The Government will either introduced new laws, review or amend existing laws particularly in the electricity and petroleum sectors to make investment more attractive with the usage of these energies cheaper and environmentally friendlier,” he added.

He said progress on Tina Hydropower project will surely improve accessibility of people to cheaper energy. This development will also ease investment and economic development. 

“The same also applies to forestry management and rural development encouraging the investment in programs that takes into account the impact of climate change and changing weather patterns,” he said.

Maelanga said in terms of the Social sector, the Government will continue to bring reforms and improve legislations to health and education, the public service, provincial governance and issues affecting women and gender mainstreaming, encouraging the role of churches, and other social issues. 

“Again, major reforms in legal frameworks, including systems and processes that help improves services in this sector are important. 

“The Government is also working on some important bills including the Education Bill, and Public Service Bill, and carry out other reforms in this sector,” he added.

He said in terms of security and maintaining law and order, the Government will also increase support on the community policing, border controls and help fight social disorder in our communities. 

“Combating social issues is a joint effort that requires the support from Churches, Traditional leaders, Provincial Governments and Communities,” he said.

He then assures the Guadalcanal province of the Government’s support and guidance in driving the policy programs forward to meet its objectives.