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Pageant 2019 show is back

16 October 2019
The six contestants for Miss Solomon Islands Pageant 2019. [Photo: Daniel Kakadi]


The annual Miss Solomon Islands Pageant (MSIP) queen show is on again.

The event will be held on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd November 2019 based on the theme ‘Advancing women in leadership and stewardship.’

MSIP director Joyce Konofilia in a press conference at the Solomon Host conference room yesterday confirmed the MSIP committee is very happy and looking forward to hosting the show once again this year.

She said a total of six contestants have registered for the event.

“A total of six contestants will be contesting this year’s pageant show and they are in the age range of 18 to 25 years.

“This year’s MSIP show will be an interesting one as it has a diverse contestants from different provinces,’’ said Ms Konofilia.

During yesterday’s press conference the contestants also introduced themselves.

They also explained the issues that they want to advocate on which motivates them to join the show.

This year’s six contestants are; Maenisa Boso, 22, from Western province, Mellissa Takanaia, 25, from Malaita/Western provinces, Gladys Habu from Isabel province, Tiare Haro, 19 from Malaita/Isabel provinces, Brijit Igilave of Solomon/PNG origin and Freda Maui, 22, Renbel province.


According to the organisers the objectives of this year’s show are to; 

  • encourage young women to respect and realize their potentials in being part of a peaceful and harmonious society for our families;

  • to instill a sense of confidence in our young women as leaders in all spheres of society;

  • showcase the talents and gifts of our young women in being productive, beautiful and intelligent contributors in our communities;

  • select a Solomon Islands representative for the annual Miss Pacific Islands Pageant 2019 to be held PNG by showcasing and disseminating of information about our people and cultures; and

  • promote local businesses that support women endeavors in the country, continue charity work in the country and create partnership with women stakeholders to promote and advance women agendas and policies for employment.

The event will be staged over two consecutive days it will begin on Friday 1st November with a speech competition by the contestants on topics relating to the theme.

A float procession will also be held SICUL grounds at Town Ground all the way up to the SINU Kukum campus and will end at the National Art Gallery.

The crowning night will be on Saturday 2nd November and there will be four categories stage by each contestant. They are sarong, talent, traditional contemporary wear and on-stage interview.

All points from four categories will be added up with the speech overall mark to determine the overall winner and miss Solomon Islands 2019. 

A separate award will be awarded for the best float and best speech.

Each event will have a set of judges appointed by the MSIP committee with specific judging criterias.