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In Court with Assumpta Buchanan

16 October 2019
  • Man who fakes death returns to court
  • Duo facing robbery charges back to court

Man who fakes death returns to court

THE man accused of faking his death and obtained $76,000 from a local pharmacist in Honiara will appear in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court today.

Peter Fakaia who faces charges of false pretence was remanded in custody on the last court appearance.

He will appear before Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea for mention this morning.

Police charged Fakaia for alleged incidents between 21 and 26 September 2019 in Honiara.

Prosecution alleged that on 21 September 2019, Fakaia attended the People’s Pharmacy at Kwaimani building at Kukum High way seeking medication.

He was assessed by the complainant and then given medication to be taken for five days.

However, the following day Fakaia allegedly called in again at the pharmacy complaining he was allergic to the medication prescribed to him.

The accused was then given another medication and advised to see a doctor by the complainant’s assistant as the complainant was not present at that time.

About 4pm of that same day, the accused again allegedly called the pharmacy asking for any medication for allergy and later came in a blue Caldina car to collect the allergy drug.

On 23 September at about 8am, the complainant received a call through his office phone by a person who allegedly purported himself as the accused’s brother in-law.

The complainant was informed by the accused’s brother-law that the accused whom he diagnosed had died at the National Referral Hospital and was at the morgue.

The accused’s brother in-law then allegedly demanded a compensation of $10, 000 for the cause of the death.

The complainant gave $15,000 to two male person who came and met him at the Sir Kausimae Building opposite the Panatina Plaza.

Soon after that, the complainant continues to receive calls for money for food for the accused’s relatives back home and for the accused’s two tribes.

In total, the complainant allegedly gave $76,000 to the so-called relatives of the accused for the accused’s death.

It was on 26 September that the accused contacted the police after finally realising that he might have been set up by the accused.

The next day, police arrested a person who came to collect the last portion of money requested for the accused’s death.

The person upon questioning admitted that the whole scenario was a set up organised by the accused.

Using the accused’s associates, police finally arrested the accused after halting him in his vehicle at the Ranadi Roundabout.


Duo facing robbery charges back to court

THE case of two men facing armed robbery charges at a Bakery at Ranadi, East Honiara, in April will return to court this Friday.

This is for a pre-trial conference on the matter of Frank Firimolea and for the prosecution to respond to a proposal made for Eddie Sanau.

The pre-trial conference was supposed to be conducted early this week but the pre-trial conference documents are yet to be sorted out.

Public Prosecutor Andrew Meioko who stood on instructions of his colleague John Wesley Zoze said Zoze already served the pre-trial conference to the defence.

He added that Zoze is yet to receive a feedback from the defence regarding the pre-trial conference documents.

The court also heard that the proposal made for Sanau was sent on September 13 to the prosecution.

Prosecution however is yet to respond to the proposal as Zoze had been engaged in a trial last week.

Mr Meioko therefore as instructed sought an adjournment to this Friday.

Andrew Bosa of Public Solicitor’s Office who represents Sanau raised concerns over the delay of the proposal.

He suggested to the court if the adjournment to this Friday would be the last one for prosecution to make a response.

The matter was then adjourned to this Friday by Principal Magistrate Felix Hollison.

Firimolea and Sanau were accused of robbing more than $50,000 from the Nature Bakery at Ranadi, Honiara in the early hours of April 28, this year.

Prosecution alleged that seven armed men entered the entered Nature Bakery and allegedly robbed large amount of money from the owner and manager.

The men who were allegedly armed with knives also allegedly attacked the owner and manager of the Bakery, of which, they received injuries. 

Sanau was arrested, charged and remanded in custody on May 1 while Firimolea was remanded on the following day.

Police had so far recovered around$50,000 including some foreign currencies.

Rodney Manebosa represents Firimolea.