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Suidani: Malaita govt still stand with its people 

16 October 2019
Malaita premier, Daniel Suidani.

Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani assures Malaita public that his government will still pursue the interest of its people.

Premier Suidani said this on Tuesday afternoon after the one day Malaita Leaders' Summit in Auki,

He addressed a group passionate Malaita crowd that gathered outside the Malaita Provincial Assembly awaiting the outcome of the meeting.

"Your presence here today has shown your concern about our province and the leadership issue that this country is faced with.

"I want to assure you my good people of Malaita that Malaita Provincial Government will still persuade your interest which is also our interest as your mandated leaders to represent you at this level.

"As you all aware, I have called on Malaita national MPs to attend this summit to discuss as leaders representing our beloved province Malaita.

"Unfortunately, only one side of the government turned up for the summit, which is the opposition side.

"None of the Malaita MPs on the government side turned up for summit which is for sure is disappointing.

"I don't know why they did not turn up for the meeting,” he said.

He told the crowd that its best for the Malaita MPs on the government side to attend the summit to explain to the people of Malaita why they support the switch of diplomatic ties from Taiwan to China.

He said the absence of the nine Malaita MPs on the government side has denied the Malaita public from hearing their views as to why they supported the switch to China which the people of Malaita were eager to hear for the past four weeks.

"You will realize that we engaged in media debates over the past days simply because we do not know the exact reason behind the switch and we want our Malaita MPs to tell us what actually is going on.

"Now that our MPs who are in support of the switch are not here, we are left in the dark not knowing what would be the likely effects of the switch 20 years from now," he said.

Mr Suidani said ss the most populated province in the country they need to know what are the real reasons behind the switch.

“So your presence here today is understandable and well respected."

Premier Suidani assured the public that the call for self-determination is not a current call where he said the past provincial government also echoed the same statement over the years.

With that, he said his government will remain with its people and will continue to push for what the people of Malaita believe in even without the support of the other nine Malaita MPs who decide not to attend the summit.

Premier Suidani thanked the five MPs who took time to come and listen to the people who voted them into power in the April National General Election.

2019 Malaita Leaders' Summit with the theme "Malaita 2050; Who are we and where we want to be," ended successfully on Tuesday afternoon.

In Auki