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Western full assembly finally meet

16 October 2019

THE Western Province Full Assembly finally met, Tuesday after a boycott by Non-Executive Members of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) on Monday the 14th of October.

The second day of assembly effectively saw the tabling of the 2019 – 2020 Supplementary Budget presented by the Western Provincial Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier (DP) Chris Mesepitu.

Mesepitu explained that the final budget of $4 million was put together in accordance to the outstanding obligations of the Western Province Government (WPG) as to ensure the implementation of work continues its due progress up until the month of March 2020.

All WPG services will be given provision under the 2019-2020 Budget until March 2020 which will be the next fiscal year.

Mesepitu said budget cuts were taken on board through subtle changes such as cutting WPG caterings that have become over the years customary during executive meetings and will be extended into other WPG programs and formalities in the future.

Prior to the tabling of the Supplementary Budget the Member for Ward 16 Ramrakha Talasasa and leader of the Other Side of the House (Non-Executives) had tabled the Provincial Public Accounts Committee (PPAC) report.

As an established rule of the assembly in all purpose of transparency and accountability a mandatory report by the PPAC is expected in which the Chairman of the PPAC Ramrakha Talasasa tabled before the assembly a detailed account of 2017-2018.

In light of the matter that a number of MPAs did have the opportunity to properly view the 2019-2020 Supplementary Budget preceding its tabling during the assembly meeting, concerns were raised over accurate member analysis of information on the matter.

The Member for Ward 16 Talasasa had requested a point of order under section 83 at the discretion of the Speaker of Assembly that in all fairness the speaker allow the proceeding of the WPA member contributions on the 2019-2020 budget be deferred and resumed today Wednesday the 16th.

The Speaker of the Western Provincial Assembly Adrian Sina reiterated the member of ward 16’s call in agreement to the need of the budget be properly viewed by MPAs so that a proper and fair session of contributions may be held.

Handed over to the Premier of WP by the Speaker of the House Premier Gina called for an adjournment of the Western Province Assembly meeting as of 2:30pm yesterday to resume today the 16th at 9:30 am.

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