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Faisi warns SINTA members

17 October 2019
Samson Faisi.

SOLOMON Islands National Teachers Association (SINTA) General Secretary Samson Faisi has warned its member to remain neutral in the current political wrangling about China and Taiwan.

He made this warning during his first press conference in Honiara, Wednesday.

Faisi said some of their teachers who are members of SINTA have sought clarity about the current political situation regarding the China switch. 

He made it very clear that SINTA members must not part take in any political activities but stay neutral.

Faisi said it is important that they allow the executive government mandated by the people to see what is best for the country and deal with it.

“We must be very clear that SINTA comes under the Solomon Islands Council of Trade Union (SICTU).

“SINTA and SCITU have held four meetings in the past weeks and we agreed that we will remain neutral in this current political situation,” Faisi told the reporters.

He further stressed that SINTA will not support the Parliamentary Opposition or the government of the day.

“What we agree on is to remain neutral and support Solomon Islands because it’s not about China and it’s not about Taiwan but it’s about Solomon Islands,” Faisi expressed.

He further added that teachers must understand that they are duty bound to do their job diligently and that is to teach the children of this country.

“I call on all our teachers both SINTA members and non members not to involve in any illegal gathering or illegal protest that might be engineered by very few leaders who are doing that for their own and personal benefits,” Faisi said.

Meanwhile, Faisi assures SINTA members that his office will continue to function independently and address the needs of its members.

“I want to assure SINTA members that our executive will work closely with all its members to move SINTA forward,” he added.