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PNG nationals upset with poor airport facilities

17 October 2019
The deteriorating Kirakira terminal building.

TWO Papua New Guinea (PNG) nationals have expressed their disappointment with poor airport terminal facilities at Kira Kira, the capital of Makira Ulawa province.

The PNG nationals expressed their disappointment as they waited at the Kira Kira airport to fly back to Honiara on Solomon Airline’s Dash 8 October 11.

The two Papua New Guineans who were in Kira Kira to carry out medical work at the provincial hospital said that they were surprised when they realized the airport terminal does not have proper toilets and seats for transiting passengers to sit on.

They said they wanted to have a drink of coconut, but had decided against it because there were no toilets, adding they had been told transiting passengers had to use the beaches and the nearby bushes for convenience. 

The toilets at the Kira Kira airport terminal have been in need of repairs for over 10 years now while its new terminal building remains to be completed.

By George Atkin 
In Kira Kira