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Police slain 6 crocs

18 October 2019
Two of the six crocodiles killed by the Police Response team.


THE Police Response Team (PRT) have responded to a crocodile incident in Roviana Lagoon in Western Province and killed six crocodiles in an operation conducted from 8 - 11 October 2019. 

The operation was conducted after a man was killed by a crocodile while diving for trochus near Belo Belo Island on 2 September 2019. 

A request was sent to police to attend to the report and on 9 October 2019, a team of officers travelled from Honiara to the Western Province. 

During the operation six crocodiles measuring about three meters were shot dead. 

Supervising Director PRT, Superintendent Rex Waiwori says there seem to be an increase in crocodile attacks in our communities. 

“We need to respond appropriately to tackle this issue,” Waiwori said.

“I would like to remind our people that if you have incidents like this happening in your communities please report them to your nearest police station or seek assistance from any police officer that you know to assist your community,” he added.

Members of the communities are urged to report any sightings of a crocodile to your nearest police station or contact the National Response Department (NRD) on phone 23829.