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Phase 2 of road upgrade underway

18 October 2019

SECOND phase of the Upgrading of Kukum Highway is scheduled to commence soon.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which funded phase 1 from Honiara City Council to Kukum Campus, is also funding phase 2.

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) said a survey team from the CTI Engineering International Cooperation Limited are currently in Honiara to undertake relevant site condition surveys and discussion with concerned parties. 

“JICA engaged CTI Engineering International Cooperation Limited to conduct a number of site condition surveys commencing on the 15th of October 2019 to 14th December 2019,” MID said.

“The outcome of the surveys will assist in the planning, designing, and implementation of Phase 2 of the project,” it added.

The primary target of the project is to improve Kukum Highway to enhance traffic safety and disaster resiliency of the highway by mitigating traffic congestion and enhancing drainage capacity. 

MID said the scope of Phase 2 will include the rehabilitation of the road from the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources to Lungga Bridge (4 lanes, 5km) and from Lungga Bridge to Honiara International Airport (2 lanes, 2km including Lungga Bridge). 

It will also include the rehabilitation of drainage facilities and rehabilitation of bus bays. 

MID appeals to all pedestrians, vehicle drivers and property owners along the kukum highway to cooperate with CTI Engineering International Cooperation Limited while carrying out the survey.