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Liloqula: law reform vital for development

23 October 2019
Ruth Liloqula.

LAW reform is important to the development of the country.

That’s according to one of the commissioners of the Law Reform Commission (LRC) Ruth Liloqula.

She highlighted this during the launch of the Public Order Paper consultation on Monday in Honiara.

“Law reform or sometimes referred to as legal reform is the process of examining existing laws and advocating and implementing changes in a legal system,” Liloqula explained.

“It’s used as one of the tools to shape developing nations through the reform of outdated and oppressive laws by replacing them with laws that advance democratic values and promote the rule of law,” she added.

Liloqula said it is therefore not far-fetched to argue that the priority role of law reform in developing nations is to clear the statute books rather than to systematically develop the law.

She then highlighted some of the important areas that the Government should consider in its law reform plans.

“On that note, I would like to suggest that the priority of any government should be to reform the laws that would give the best possible benefits to our people,” she said.

Liloqula said the possible priority areas should include the following economic laws such as Insurance law, labour laws, law of financial institutions, fisheries, forestry, mining, petroleum and taxation laws.

She added other priority areas include social, political and religious laws as well as development, adoption and enactment of general data protection policies and legal frameworks.

“The importance of law reform should be taken seriously and must be properly coordinated and well organised.

“Conversely, lack of coherent, properly-coordinated and effective law reform would be detrimental to the development aspiration of the country,” she added.

Liloqula said it is the mission of the Law Reform Commission to review and make recommendations to the Government in relation to the reform of laws in keeping with the changing needs of Solomon Islands society.