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Manelusi: why we suspend officers

24 October 2019
Gabriel Manelusi.

THE Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) says the suspension of two of its senior officers was procedural and legal.

CSSI Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi was responding to a news article Island Sun published, Wednesday.

Manelusi said the two officers were disrespectful, disloyal and betrayed the CSSI Executive and CSSI as an organisation.

“Their actions amount to insubordination,” he added.

“They’ve committed very serious disciplinary offences that can warrant dismissal in the service and has built mistrust and disunity within the CSSI Organisation and among CSSI itself.

“More so, this has also undermine the integrity and the good reputation of the CSSI Organisation.”

Manelusi explained the incident that occurred leading up to the current issue occurred in year 2018 and 2019 during the time of the former commissioner. 

“It was then that these two senior superintendents of CSSI have reportedly been suspended for posting and commenting on facebook (CSSI Forum) unauthorised.

“Since then, no action was taken until they received their interdiction letters effective on Sunday 20 October 2019 and now under half pay suspension while the Professional Standard Unit (PSU) investigates their Facebook conduct.”

Island Sun paper reported the issue that led to the suspension of these two long serving superintendents was over reconciliation. 

But CSSI said the reconciliation was held last week between CSSI officers and CSSI Compliance Director.

“Some CSSI officers claimed this is unfair to other officers who were suspended over similar case.’

Meanwhile, Manelusi reiterates his call to allow for thorough investigation to be carried out, urging those people to get their facts right.

 “CSSI dismisses outright those complaints as mere propaganda to tarnish the organisation’s image and are undermining the set standards and professionalism of CSSI.

 “It is a normal process, and unless proven guilty, they are still Correctional Officers, subject to orders & discipline of the organisation.

“Thus, I will not comment further in detail since the matter is under full investigation.”