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Wale queries PM over deputy post

30 October 2019

OPPOSITION leader Matthew Wale has questioned the Prime Minister over the long delay in the appointment of his deputy.

The DPM post became vacant after John Maneniaru was sacked from the post on 30th September 2019.  

Since the sacking the government has not appointed a replacement to date.

 “This delay is not in the interest of good governance and transparency,” Wale said in a statement.

“The current government is made up of political parties and until that changes, the Political Party and Integrity Act requires a deputy representing the coalition party with the second largest number to be appointed,” he added.

“It is therefore important that this position be filled up as soon as possible.”

The Opposition leader further adds:

“The Prime Minister appointed Manasseh Maelanga as the Acting Prime Minister recently, when he was overseas.  

“If this is an indication of the Government’s preference for the DPM post, he should now follow through and appoint Maelanga and not delay the process any further.

“Or is it that the Prime Minister has no confidence in any of his senior ministers and is still fishing around for the right candidate?  

“The position of DPM provides a balancing equation in Government leadership, hence should not be politicised, if that is what the prime minister is doing.”