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China warns its investors

02 November 2019
Special Envoy for Chine-Pacific Islands Forum Dialogue, H.E Wang Xuefeng brief meet with Media representative in Honiara.

CHINESE investors are urged to respect the laws and people of Solomon Islands when doing business here.

The warning came from the Envoy for China-Pacific Islands Forum Dialogue Wang Xuefeng.

He made the call in Honiara on Friday after he learned about an agreement that was signed by a Chinese company, China Sam Enterprise Group and Central Islands Provincial Government.

It’s understood that the Attorney General has ordered the termination of that deal, which if implemented, will see the lease of the whole island of Tulagi to Sam Group.

Asked if this Chinese company has any links to the Chinese Government, Xuefeng said:

“I wish to make it clear that this is a private company and it has nothing to do with Chinese Government, which means it is not a State Own Company,” he clarified.

He further stressed that whatever deal that is done between the parties are done by their company bosses on their own.

Xuefeng explained that Chinese Government is encouraging their competitive and credible companies to make investments in other countries.

“But we strongly emphasis and urge them they must respect the laws and regulations of the host country and more so they must abide by the international rules.

“And we also remind them that apart from complying and respecting the local laws the must also respect the culture and local customs,” Xuefeng said.

He further emphasized that only in this way any business can be sustainable and prosper.

Xuefeng said that Chinese Government always encourages the Chinese companies to repay the local communities in terms of supporting their local needs.

He said that with this particular issue at hand now he wants to see the China Sam Group of Companies and the persons concerned must handle the relevant issues well.

Meanwhile, Xuefeng told that media that some countries will try to use this case to spread slanders and rumors against Chinese Government.

“And I think this is something we all need to watch out for,” he added.