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Principal speaks against ‘Absenteeism’

26 November 2019
St. John School Principal Mr. Peter Misiga. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

ABSENTEEISM is a major challenge for both teachers and students attending St. John’s School at Rove, West Honiara says school Principal Peter Misiga.

Mr Misiga has highlighted this during the school’s graduation ceremony last week.

He condemns the absenteeism act as a negative human behavior.

“Absenteeism is a negative behavior,” he said.

“This behavior is an unaccepted act in our society and it must not be tolerated and exercised in the school.

“Teacher and students absenteeism from classes is an obstacle which we are trying our best to deal with each day,” Mr Misiga added.

When the school tries to stop absenteeism from classes, it does not work and it affects the student in their education endeavor.

Misiga mentioned that other challenges are over staffing, over enrollment of students, student’s diminishing discipline, pedagogical necessity, financial constraint and the re-strengthening of School Parents and Teachers Association. 

He said these challenges have brought hard time for the school to smoothly operate, however, the school has completed its academy year with a successful graduation ceremony.

He said over staffing and underloading of teaching periods are ongoing issues that the school faces.

“Over enrolment of students and over-crowded in classrooms has been a problem because it will affect the learning of kids,” he said.

Mr Misiga also stressed that disciplining students attending St. John’s School is a top priority concern which needs to be addressed.

“Success of students depends on their self-discipline,” he said.

Mr Misiga also testified that few of his teachers need to up skills their knowledge to improve teaching methodologies and strategies to cater for the maximum implementation of curriculum and subject syllabuses.

Non-paid school fees by parents, guardians and sponsors have financially constrain the school budget which affects its operation, he said.

He said School Parents and Teachers Association needs re-strengthening by 2020 and beyond.

“St. John’s School needs a more viable and collaborative PTA body that works to enhance its education and development aspiration,” he said.

St. John’s School was established in 1955 by Catholic Authority and it becomes a pilot school which contributes on human resources development in this country.