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DIVIT RTC held graduation

29 November 2019
Divit RTC graduates with their certificates.

DIVIT Rural Training Centre (RTC) in North West Guadalcanal on Thursday held its 2019 annual graduation ceremony with 30 students completing their studies.

At the ceremony 19 students received their certificates in the area of life skills, two with carpentry and 9 with agriculture certificates to make it 30 in total.

In her opening speech, School Principal Sister Anna Ngosana said the graduation theme is ‘Holistic skill Training Empower Young Productive Solomon Islanders’.

She said the theme reflects on the school vision and that is to help young people of Solomon Islands with different skills to help improve their lives and to become productive people in their respective families, communities and the nation as a whole.

“This is to help empower our young women of Solomon Islands to develop their skills and knowledge that they could run their own business,” she said.

Sr Ngosana said not only that, by gaining skills and knowledge, they can also train others in their homes or wherever they might not have the opportunity to go to school. 

“Divit RTC prepares the students in the spiritual, physical and psychological aspect of their lives,” she said.

She then encourages the students to use their skills wisely and do whatever they do in God’s love, with honesty.

“I encourage you to humble yourself wherever you go or with whomever you serve.

“You have been given different God’s given talents and I want you to make good use of those talents and skills,” she added.

She said Divit RTC offers life skills which include tourism hospitality, clothing, and textile, agriculture, and carpentry.

Other courses that we also offered are health and hygiene, computer training, English, finance, literacy, and value education, she added.

Sr Ngosana said those skills training goes together with a new program which is a new direction for women and girls and it provides them with training and employment options.

“Graduates with these qualifications will be able to make a firm decision regarding their future employment or to go on further in their studies,” she said.

She then thanked all those who have supported the centre including the national government for recognizing the school with 23 scholarships under the new program.

“We also grateful for the skills for economic growth for their continuous support to provide the centre with sewing machines, computers, laptops for the students and staff training purposes.

The graduation ceremony started with a procession, followed by a Holy Mass, presentation of speeches & certificates, lunch and entertainment to conclude the day’s event.