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Bina Harbour is a game-changer: PM

03 December 2019
[Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

THE proposed Bina Harbour project in Malaita has the potential to move this country forward. 

That’s according to Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

In his speech, during the Business Excellence Award (BEA) over the weekend, Sogavare stated that Malaita is “one of our most economically important provinces”. 

“I strongly believe that Bina Harbour is game-changer,” he added.

He further announced that the Bina Harbour project will be boosted with the support of the various donor partners.

“Our partners in this project are International Finance Corporation and New Zealand Government. 

“The Australian Government is also assisting us with the hydrographic study and the United States of America has indicated their interest as well,” Sogavare affirmed.

He also stressed that the National Transport Core Initiative is starting to take shape. 

“Whilst it is still at its planning stage, I am very confident with the progress made so far. 

“This is an innovative initiative that will link up to 74 % of the country’s population and 37 constituencies in its first phase and all 50 constituencies and 100 per cent of our population at the completion of its second phase,” Sogavare added.

He further added that the Government is also embarking on the modernisation of our Central Business District and provincial centres as well which will see the construction of green-friendly offices. 

“The term of reference for the scoping has now been completed which will be a Public-Private Partnership.

“All these projects are not possible without our partners, I am determined to develop these partnerships and to see it grow from strength to strength,” Sogavare said