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SDA host bush fire fundraisings

12 February 2020
One of the youth groups providing entertainment at the Burns Creek booth station.

The Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church has organised a series of fundraising drives in Honiara following the request by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to the Solomon Islands Christian Association (SICA) for Christian denominations in the country to support the government assist Australian bushfire victims. 

A special steering committee headed by Pr Robinson Diosi district director for Honiara has been working over the last three weeks to organise and coordinate a series of activities.

The series of fundraising activities was launched on a special launching program on Sunday 9th February at the Kukum SDA car park.

The theme for the fundraising activities is ‘’ Umi Tugetha Helpem Fren.’

As part of the series of activities, nine booths are set up at strategic locations around Honiara and the Guadalcanal Plains to receive donations in cash or kind from church members and the general public. 

A number of booth stations were set up on Monday 10 February and will be closed later today in the evening.

The booths were manned by youth volunteers and church members to oversee the donations. Specially sealed boxes for cash donation have been placed in each of the locations. A number of goods and kind donations were valued and auctioned all at the same time with the proceeds going towards the cause.

Singing groups also provide gospel music entertainment at the booths.

The stations are as follows: GPPOL Tetere, Henderson Police Station area, Burns Creek, Kukum SDA, Kobito bus stop, Borderline, Chinatown, Point Cruz (Pro31) Rove junction and White River SDA Church compound.

The church has also organised a country wide special offering collection on the Sabbath of February 8 and for churches which need time for promotion, Sabbath February 15. 

Special appeal promotion has been happening in the churches over the last two weeks already. All offerings collected on these dates will be allocated towards the special appeal. 

A grand gospel music concert will be staged at Maranatha Hall on Sunday February 23rd from 1pm to 6pm and thirty youth groups and choirs have been specially selected to perform live.

The public are invited to enjoy top quality gospel music which soothes the soul at the same time touch your heart to give willingly towards the cause.