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In Court with Assumpta Buchanan

13 February 2020

* Pre-trial conference defers 
* Young man re-arrested, remanded 
* Kwaio murder case committed to High Court

Pre-trial conference defers 

PRE-TRIAL conference on the case of a man accused of faking his own death and obtained $76,000 from a local pharmacist in Honiara last year has been deferred to February 19.

Peter Fakaia is facing three counts of false pretences.

His matter was listed in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court yesterday for pre-trial conference.

However, his lawyer Hubert Fugui was however reportedly sick and unable to attend court yesterday.

Principal Magistrate Felix Hollison therefore deferred the pre-trial conference to next week and extended bail for Fakaia.

Fakaia is facing charges in relation to alleged incidents between 21 and 26 September 2019 in Honiara.

Prosecution alleged Fakaia attended the People’s Pharmacy at Kwaimani building at Kukum Highway seeking medication.

He was assessed by the complainant and then given medication to be taken for five days.

However, the following day Fakaia allegedly called in again at the pharmacy complaining he was allergic to the medication prescribed to him.

The accused was then given another medication and was advised to see a doctor by the complainant’s assistant as the complainant was not present at that time.

About 4pm of that same day, the accused again allegedly called the pharmacy asking for any medication for allergy and later came in a blue Caldina car to collect the allergy drug.

On 23 September at about 8am, the complainant received a call through his office phone by a person who allegedly purported himself as the accused’s brother in-law.

The complainant was informed by the accused’s brother-law that the accused he diagnosed died at the National Referral Hospital and was at the morgue.

The accused’s brother in-law then allegedly demanded a compensation of $10, 000 for the cause of the death.

The complainant gave $15,000 to two male persons who met him at the Sir Kausimae Building opposite the Panatina Plaza.

Soon after that, the complainant continues to receive calls for money for food for the accused’s relatives back home and for the accused’s two tribes.

In total, the complainant allegedly gave $76,000 to the so-called relatives of the accused for the accused’s death.

It was on 26 September that the accused contacted the police after finally realising that he might have been set up by the accused.

The next day, police arrested a person who came to collect the last portion of money requested for the accused’s death.

Using the accused’s alleged associates; police finally arrested the accused after halting him in his vehicle at the Ranadi Roundabout.


Young man re-arrested, remanded

A young man accused of damaging the back of a vehicle at Independence Valley, West Honiara last year has been remanded in custody yesterday.

Norman Hugo faces one count of malicious damage.

He was re-arrested and brought to the court yesterday following an outstanding warrant of arrest issued for him last October.

The court ordered the forfeiture of his $500 cash bail but he however did not have $500 with him.

Police had to escort Hugo to his parents’ home to ask his parents to pay up the forfeited bail but his parents did not give the $500.

As a result, Hugo was brought back to the court where he was remanded in custody by Principal Magistrate Clifton Ruele.

Hugo is due in court again on February 26.

Police Prosecutor Ethel Mae’ue appears for the Crown.


Kwaio murder case committed to High Court

THE case of a man accused of the murder of a woman at a village in East Kwaio, Malaita has been committed to the High Court for trial.

This followed a short form preliminary inquiry conducted on the matter of John Manasseh who faces count of murder.

Principal Magistrate Tearo Beneteti yesterday having found sufficient evidence against Manasseh committed the matter to the High Court for trial.

Dates for the trial will be fixed later at the High Court.

Manasseh was accused of being part of a fight between two disputing parties at Afeala’a Village, Kwaibaita River area in East Kwaio on 19 November 2019.

Prosecution alleged that the fight resulted in the death of a woman.

Several other people were also wounded during the fight.

Prosecution also alleged that the fight between the two parties involved knives and other weapons.