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NTU warns against submitting forged documents

14 February 2020

THE National Scholarship Division (NSD) also known as National Training Unit (NTU) has warned the public from attempting to submit forged documents or government scholarship awards to their (NTU) office or to any academic institutions.

The warning was issued after NTU early this week discovered few forged 2020 scholarship awards, a statement from the NTU Director Curtis Kalu said. 

“This was easily detected as the division is using a scholarship information system that identifies with a reference number for all recipients in the various categories. 

“Thus, all new 2020 SIG scholarships does have a reference that differentiates each award given so far. This refers to those who are new being injected into SIG scholarship starting 2020,” the statement said. 

According to director Kalu the matter is being referred to police and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for further investigation. 

The NSD/NTU office also confirmed obtaining copies of these forged awards and condemns such action  

“NSD/NTU will work closely with the police to curb such undesirable behavior,” Ms Kalu said. 

The director reminds the public not to pursue or attempt to bring forged documents or forged SIG scholarship awards to their office for facilitation as that will be easily discovered nowadays at their office. 

She also highlighted that some students also attempted to bribe NSD/NTU staff by placing certain amount of money in envelops along with their university admissions so that the office can offer them awards. 

However, NSD/NTU director is aware of these incidents of bribery attempts.

And the Ms Kalu warned; “the possibility of doing this is not easy this time round,” while referring to the bribery attempts. 

“This is also unacceptable! The public is informed not to pursue such attempts as those who involved will be reported to face prosecution,” she warned.

Its understood a group has been involved in producing forget government scholarship awards and are selling them to desperate students.