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Govt’s response to virus scare praised

17 February 2020
Chief Jimmy Festus.

A village elder from West Rennell Jimmy Festus has welcomed the declaration and announcement by Solomon Islands Health Authorities on the deadly Coronavirus presence on the island province.

The speculation that the Coronavirus was allegedly brought on the Island by suspected crews of a foreign vessel had sparked concerns and fears amongst the people of the remote province.

It was also alleged that two of our very own Custom Officers who cleared the vessel also caught up with the deadly virus and have to be contained for fear of spreading it to other family members and friends.

Fear and panic that this very small island province population might just be wiped out within weeks or a month by this corona virus had indeed raised eye brows by many people of the island to such that their leaders called on the government to seriously address the issue immediately without delay.

However just last week, the health authorities had clarified to the nation that those people and officers implicated or said to be contracted with the corona virus were all cleared, safe and well.

“This is very good news and we are very grateful for the announcement as it had reduced our blood pressure to zero level,” said Jimmy Festus.

Chief Festus of West Rennell has commended Bintan Mining SI Limited for the courage shown as the best corporate citizenship by declaring the suspected case to the government health authorities. 

He said the company had shown responsive leadership by halting loading operation and immediately isolates all known stevedores & local crews that had contact with the four (4) suspected ship crew

This is indeed a very courageous and significant move on the part of the company to initially contain the situation in which they must be commended for their bravery and courageous act, stressed chief Festus.

Chief Festus has also appealed to all foreign companies operating in the country to follow the fine example of Bintan Mining SI Limited in assisting the government in addressing the spread of coronavirus engulfing Solomon Islands.

He further reiterated that we should not take it for granted that all is well but rather must always take precautionary measures at all times as this deadly virus has just start spreading throughout the world.