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Land board goes hard on KHY tenants

22 February 2020

WESTERN province Planning and Development Board has carried out an enforcement task to the business owners at the KHY Seafront to refrain from any activity on the area.

This was according to a statement released from the Lands Planning Division in Gizo.

The statement was to notify all the Business owners that applied to development located at parcel number 097-005-0010, Lot 229.

“It appears that development is occurring on the above land within the last 4 years either (delete) as necessary as (a) without the grant of permission required by the Planning and Development Act (Capt. 154),’’ the statement said.

The statement further added that the following action was done within 28 days after the notice is served to the business owners.

  1. You are constructing a illegal fence around Lot 229.
  2. You got no planning permission  from the Board to erect  the fence
  3. Stop immediately the activity and apply for permission.

The Statement adds that if the party failed to take action required by the notice, the Board has the power under the Planning and Development Act (Cap.154) to enter the land and take all steps necessary to restore the land to its condition prior to this particular at the business owners’ own cost.

“Alternatively, you have the right within 28 days of this notice being served to appeal to a magistrate’s Court against this notice,’’ the statement added.