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Vokia thanks voters

26 February 2020
Former Honourable for North East Guadalcanal Mr. Jamie Vokia delivering a speech to his people. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

FORMER Member of Parliament (MP) for North East Guadalcanal Jamie Vokia has formally thanked his voters and people of his constituency for their unwavering support during his short stint in Parliament.

Vokia, a first-time MP and also a member of the ruling government, has lost his Northeast Guadalcanal seat in Parliament following a successful petition lodged by the former MP Dr Derek Sikua.

Mr. Vokia unseated his runner up Dr. Derek Sikua 1,835 to 1629 votes, during last year’s election, a major upset in last year’s elections.

But this petition result does not hold him back to reach out to his voters and people as their former leader and shared his heart with them at a thanksgiving ceremony staged at the Multipurpose Hall in Honiara, Tuesday.

“As your former leader I have done my part to serve each and everyone in my constituency but it was cut short,” he said.

He further shared his plans and dreams for the people of the constituency if the petition had not been in his way.

Many of his people attending the thanks giving ceremony said they have felt the change they have been longing for when Vokia took the helm of leadership for North East Guadalcanal.

They even told this paper that one of the big plans and vision that was outlined by their former leader was to see the MP build them a mini-hospital.

“That is my dream to put a mini hospital in North East Guadalcanal which I am so proud that the plans are working well until the High Court’s decision,” Vokia said.

He was highly respected by his people and voters for his generous approach towards his constituents.

Vokia told his people that he is not their MP according to the law but he still welcomes them to come and share their concerns and discuss issues affecting their constituency with him.

“A true mark of leadership,” said one of the elders from his constituency after the thank you ceremony yesterday.

Meanwhile, last week Thursday the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet elected Vokia to the Chairman of the South Pacific Games 2023. 

This means that Vokia is still part of the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA).