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Temotu ready to shut off its door

26 March 2020
Clay Forau.

TEMOTU Province will stop all movement in and out of the province in the event the country records its first coronavirus case.

Premier Clay Forau stated this when he opened the Provincial Assembly meeting at Lata yesterday.

Forau said his province does not have a health system that has the capacity to deal with a COVID-19 break-out.

“Our best option is to prevention,” the premier said.

“Certain measures must be taken seriously by people in the province and those that are living outside of the province,” he added.

“With immediate effect, all foreigners who may be interested to visit the province must first get proper clearance in Honiara before traveling to Lata or in any other islands in the province.

“No clearance of any foreign vessel will be conducted in the province until the pandemic is over.”

Forau also called on Temotuans living outside the province to return home.

“You are to take the first available transport to the province now. 

“If there is any confirmation of COVID-19 in Honiara, Temotu will be closed off from the rest of the country.  

“This means no transport vessels will be entertained to travel to Lata both by sea or air except on special arrangements.”

Forau also revealed that the province’s Health and Environment Operation Committee (HEOC) has put in management plans since last month.

“The HEOC has identified the hospital delivery room for COVID-19 suspect management area, with 10 beds.  

“When a suspect has been identified, the area surrounding the building will be blocked off.  

“This means home management must start now, every member of the family must isolate themselves, children in own rooms, a husband must have his own room from the wife.

“Safety equipment is expected from the Ministry of Health including resources to support movement and awareness activities to go to other islands in the province.  

“What is yet to be identified now is a quarantine centre.  

“The centre must have a secure fence, sleeping rooms and beds, have a kitchen, water, shower, and toilet.”