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Talasasa: be responsible, take precaution

26 March 2020
Ramrakha Talasasa.

THE PEOPLE of Western Province (WP) are being reminded that they themselves must take responsibility for their actions in the prevention against the coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading.

The call was made by WP Member of Assembly for Ward 16 Ramrakha Talasasa amidst the current national viral scare saying; “if we the people are so concerned about the COVID-19 virus then we must take responsibility for our action and adhere to hygiene practices as advised by health service authorities.”

He said it has come to the attention of the public that individuals returning from a recent overseas trip have been spotted in public when they were supposed to be in self-quarantine, potentially putting people they come in contact with at risk.

Despite no authorities can confirm the reports, Talasasa assures people that the successful prevention of the feared coronavirus is solely up to the people.

“We as a community must be able to work together to carry out personal hand washing and sanitizing, avoid gatherings, bathing, and protective coughing among many other hygiene practices advised to us by medical officials,” he said.

He said any person who has travelled overseas and returned recently is then directly burdened with a responsibility towards their family, friends and fellow men, women, and children to properly self-quarantine yourself.

As reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) and repeated by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) the virus shows signs after fourteen (14) days but is able to be passed on to other people before signs are seen.

Examples of such careless behavior have been proven in Australia after hundreds of people were found to have caught the virus only overnight after ignoring advice to self-quarantine.

The same responsibility goes to those who may know of any person not following self-quarantine rules and must be reported to health authorities to better be safe than sorry and not reporting any case of such can be just as dangerous.

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