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27 March 2020
A prefabricated quarantine facility currently being used for returnees in quarantine.

45 in quarantine centres



UP to 45 locals are currently being quarantined at various locations in east Honiara.

That's according the Minister for Health and Medical Services Dickson Mua in an interview, Thursday.

Mua said those quarantined were returnees from Australia.

He said Guadalcanal Beach Resort, the former RAMSI base, hosts the highest number of people with 23 being held there.

He added the former Telekom Recreational Centre now run by the National Hosting Authority houses 12 while the centre at Henderson hosts10.

"These numbers exclude those who are home quarantined," Mua explained.

He also added that those quarantined arrived at different times, but they will still have to spend 14 days at the quarantine sites.

"They are being closely monitored by members of the Government’s COVID-19 taskforce," Mua said

The Government had announced that as of last Sunday all returning passengers must be quarantined for 14 days at the quarantine centres before they are allowed into the community.

Mua also said the King George sixth school is currently unoccupied.

It’s understood Solomon Airline still flies to Brisbane three times a week, a reduction from its usual six flights to the Australian city.

The country is yet to record a case, but the Government this week imposed a ban on foreigners entering the country and has declared a state of public emergency.