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Guadalcanal chiefs ban Vehicles entries 

27 March 2020
John Toki.

FOLLOWING the ‘State of Emergency’ declaration made by the Governor-General Sir David Vunagi on Wednesday chiefs in North West Guadalcanal have restricted vehicles traveling from Honiara to the region.

The North West Guadalcanal chiefs yesterday issued a restriction notice to all vehicles who usually travel to North West Guadalcanal purposely to buy betel nut. 

North West Guadalcanal Solomon Star stringer John Toki reported that chief Raymond Kapini had issued an order to restrict vehicles traveling to the region for no good reason.

Only vehicles with good reason can travel to the region.

Mr. Toki said the chiefs are discouraging taxi’s and other private vehicles from traveling to North West Guadalcanal and further down as part of a precautionary measure to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19).

He added that communications and respect is one of the fundamental aspects to every citizen to comply with, as the country experiences the risk of the coronavirus.

“We all are Solomon islanders and we must comply with the important measures being put in place by our leaders,” he said. 

He said the country can overcome all the risks associated with the virus if people of this nation can listen and change their behavours.

Meanwhile, reports said communities from the Kakabona are also restricting vehicles passing through their community during night times.