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$10m Covid-19 abet

29 March 2020

Ports, Solomon Power donates towards virus battle



Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) and Solomon Power/Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA) have both funded SBD$5 million dollars surplus each to the government towards the fight against the deadly Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The funds from both State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) were announced by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, during his nationwide address on the State of Emergency plans and measures, Friday.

“I am happy to announce that today (Friday), Solomon Islands Ports Authority has delivered $5 million dividends to support the government’s implementation of COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plans,” said Prime Minister Sogavare. 

He was also pleased to announce that Solomon Ports had already removed the berthing fees at the domestic terminal. 

Mr. Sogavare added, the immediate action taken by the SIPA is one that will ease the burden of the local shipping operators. 

“In addition, I am also happy to announce that Solomon Power has also provided a dividend of $5 million. They have also offered flexibility in terms of payments of outstanding bills to larger businesses and general customers,” the Prime Minister said.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister reassured the fellow citizens of the country that when the country is on uncharted waters and fear, the uncertainty the people of the nation are feeling is expected and it is the duty of the government to instill confidence in the public. 

“All things considered, this is a big ask but one which the government will not shy away from,” said Prime Minister Sogavare.