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Makili query HCC over Markets

29 March 2020
Lawrence Makili.

A local Honiara resident has called on the Honiara City Council (HCC) to explain why they keep allowing the Central Market to carry out its normal business whilst closing other satellite markets in Honiara including the Kukum market.

Lawrence Makili on Saturday said even on Friday when HCC delivered its latest resolution, it did not even mention anything about the closure of the market.

Makili said it’s just a matter of understanding according to health advice not to encourage events that could get people crowded as what is currently happening at the Central Market.

He said if the prime minister has already announced that Honiara is an emergency zone and order places like bars, night clubs are closed, then why not HCC to also close the market.  

“If HCC has already closed other satellite markets, why not do the same with the Central Market?

“Allowing and massively crowding at the central market increases the chances for the virus to spread,” he said.

Makili said such action by HCC contradicts health advice of social distancing and overcrowding as far as the multiplication of the COVID-19 is concerned.

Attempts to contact City Clerk Rence Sore for clarification were not possible yesterday.

Meanwhile, HCC Communication Officer Kadiba Alu said HCC will continue to allow the market to continue its operation as it is the only place to provide Honiara residents with local food produces.