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Firimolea faces robbery trial

26 May 2020
Frank Firimolea.

ONE of the men accused of robbing almost $100,000 from a Bakery in East Honiara will go on trial in June.

Frank Firimolea will appear in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court for an interim mention today for the armed robbery charge against him.

His trial dates that were fixed on the last court date was set for June 29 to July 10.

The prosecution has about 10 witnesses to call while Firimolea will be also calling an alibi witness at the trial.

Prosecution on the last court date has been directed to summon their witnesses ready for the trial next month.

Firimolea had initially pleaded not guilty to the armed robbery.

He later changed his plea to a guilty one and then recently decided to change it to a not guilty plea which will result in a trial.

His co-accused Eddie Sanau was already sentenced recently to three years and six months imprisonment after confessing to the armed robbery.

The robbery incident happened at 4 am on April 28, last year.

Firimolea was allegedly part of a group of seven people who were armed with weapons such as knives and iron.

The group arrived at the Bakery premises in a vehicle which they used to escape in after the alleged robbery.

During Sanau’s sentence, it was heard that the victims were forcefully awakened from their peaceful sleep and got assaulted.

The use of the weapons and violence against the alleged victims made the workers at the bakery shop to escape leaving the victim and others vulnerable.

The alleged victims were assaulted and punched several times before the large sum of money was taken from them.

The money stolen that night was SBD $90,600, AUD$1000 which is equivalent to SBD$6000 and USD $400 which is equivalent to SBD$3000.

Two Acer Note Books, one iPhone and four mobile phones were also stolen.

Rodney Manebosa of Public Solicitor’s Office represents Firimolea while Public Prosecutor Steward Tonowane appears for the Crown.