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Why no masks?

27 May 2020
Some of the frontline officers at the airport preparing for the arrival of the repatriation flight.

WHILST the arrival of the stranded nationals at the Henderson International Airport sends ripples of uneasiness amongst the public, some government officials are seen on the tarmac without protective gear especially masks.

Standard protocols and health safety were not practiced at the tarmac by certain government officials when our nationals coming from the COVID-19 stricken country of Australia landed yesterday.

Few Airline officers expressed disappointment when they saw from their head office at the domestic terminal area that some government officials were seen standing on the tarmac without masks as a reflection of ‘do what I say and don’t do what I do’ attitude.

 “Our citizens are coming home from countries that are currently affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and yet we are not taking the necessary precautions as per the much talked about ‘Standard of Operation Procedures (SOP),” one officer said.

“The tarmac area should only be given to the terminal officers, health front-liners, and police to carry out their job,” he added.

The officer questioned the role of the government officials at the tarmac area when that place supposed to be for our medical front liners only.

More than 100 passengers arrived from Australia as part of the government repatriation exercise.

Others will be flying into the country from Fiji and Vanuatu, Wednesday.