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HCC shake-up

31 May 2020
Mayor Wilson Mamae.

Councillors’ ploy to destabilise Mamae-gov’t revealed


Certain city councillors are scheming to dismantle the current HCC Executive led by Mayor Wilson Mamae for their own political gains, according to insiders.

They said the barrage of allegations and claims levelled against the council administration and the City Clerk are mere political ploys to overthrow the current executive.

Recently the HCC administration and the City Clerk were heavily criticised by the sacked finance committee chairman Cr Billy Abae over their handling of the fire extinguisher deal which was alleged to be marred with fraud.

 “The most appropriate thing to do is to lodge a formal complaint against HCC administration and the City Clerk, rather than using the media to tarnish one’s reputation,” one insider said.

When questioned whether or not a motion to oust the current executive is looming, city clerk Rence Sore said he could not speculate at this stage.

“I believe the current executive is doing its best to make this city a better place for all but politics happen just after the executive sacked one of the councillors due to non-performance,” he added.

Sore thinks that there are elements working behind the scenes to destabilise the current executive.

 He believes executive members continue to remain true and loyal to their job.

“Currently there are eight (8) councillors in the executive with strong determination to continue with the good works initiated to build a safe and happy city,” Sore said.

Sore also urged those with allegations against him and the HCC administrator to do the right thing by lodging their complaints to the Leadership Code Commission (LCC) and or other authorities than to use the media.

 “Let us not disturb the work of HCC at this very critical time,” he added.

City Mayor Mamae is still on leave.