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MARA conducted awareness at Radefasu

02 June 2020
Felix Bosokuru (L), Randol Sifoni (C) and Daniel Suidani (R).

THE Malaita Provincial Government has reached out to Radefasu Community by conducting an awareness talk regarding the outlook for the Province.

Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani, his Deputy Randol Sifoni, together with the MPA for Ward 29 and Minister for Lands Mr. Felix Bosokuru conducted the awareness talk on Sunday afternoon following a request from the community. 

“Malaita Provincial Government believes in dialogue, awareness, and engaging with communities as a way forward for a better Malaita,” Suidani said.

The people of Radefasu on Sunday have the opportunity to listen to Premier Suidani and his colleagues for the first time under the MARA government. 

During the awareness program, community members were given the opportunity to discuss and engage with the Provincial representatives.

Radefasu community thanked Premier Suidani and his team for responding positively to their call to conduct the awareness and enlighten the people of what is ahead for Malaita Province. 

Premier Suidani and Deputy Sifoni since elected into power last year have reached out to many communities in Malaita and conduct awareness talks about the future of the province.

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