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Wale plead Gov’t to release PPE’s

30 July 2020
Matthew Wale.

‘Malaita COVID-19 preparedness hits brick wall’


LEADER of the Parliamentary Opposition Mathew Wale and Member for Aoke/Langalanga beg the Prime Minister on the floor of the Parliament to release the COVID-19 medical equipment to Malaita Province. 

Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition Mathew Wale in his debate on the motion to approve the State of Emergency and for its continuation makes mention of some of the views currently held by the people of Malaita and their Premier.

He mentioned that Malaitans have complained that this prime minister has repeatedly lied to them over the many terms he has held the office.

Wale also affirmed on the floor of the parliament that a number of Malaita leaders have expressed their concern about government actions 

Whilst Wale denied the specifics of what is meant by these statements they are often repeated by many Malaita.

It was understood that last month medical equipment bound for Malaita from Taiwan was seized by the government and the Solomon Islands Royal Police Force (RSIPF).

Wale said it was the Prime Minister and his Attorney General that ordered the PPEs to be confiscated.

The medical equipment is still under police custody.

Wale said that the rationale for this action is to punish Malaitan’s defiance.

“I assumed this refers to Malaitan’s stance on the government’s lack of consultations on the switch of diplomatic recognition to the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

“The government also threatened Malaita premier with the suspension of his provincial government on that issue,” he added.

Wale further questioned PM on the floor of the Parliament why the Sogavare government has isolated Malaita Province for this vilification and punishment.

He also questioned why is this government allowing a difference in policy positions becomes the excuse to divide the nation?

Malaita has also identified sites for quarantine, triage, and isolation facilities but has been awaiting funds promised by the government.

Malaita further requested a fit for purpose land-sea ambulance.

Wale calls on the Minister for Health and Medical Services to inform the house when they plan to deliver these to Malaita or should Malaita find their own.

Meanwhile, Wale supports the motion to approve the State of Emergency.