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77yr-old remanded for rape 

14 August 2020

POLICE have recently arrested and charged a 77-year-old man for allegedly raping his four-year-old step-granddaughter in East Honiara early this week.

Deputy Police Commissioner Ian Vaevaso said step-grandfather is now facing a rape charge and currently remanded at the Rove Correctional Centre while the investigation continues.

“It was alleged that at 1 pm on that day, the little girl was playing in the house while her mother was in another room breastfeeding the little girl’s younger sister,” Vaevaso said.

Vaevaso added that the incident happened inside the house where the accused and the alleged victim’s family are staying at the Top Timber area at Ranadi.

He said the suspect who was inside another room in the house called the alleged victim to go inside the room.

The deputy police commissioner further added that the victim went into the room and her mother did not hear any noises from the alleged victim.

“She got up from where she was, peeped through a small hole in the wall of the room, and saw her little girl sitting inside the room facing the suspect.

“…….and she saw the suspect using his finger to poke the private part of the little girl.”

Vaevaso said the alleged victim’s mother called out to her and she came out of the room.

He said the mother talked to the alleged victim and she told her what the suspect did to her.

The mother then went and reported the matter to Naha Police Station.

Police carried out an investigation and arrested the step-grandfather.

Vaevaso said the alleged victim was also taken to Seif Ples for medical examination.

He said this is the fourth case of similar incidents that happened since last week.

Three cases of similar nature were also reported to police last week.

“This is a very sad story because the people involved are persons in a position of trust and lived with the alleged victims,” Vaevaso said.