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Gina responds to China

14 August 2020
David Gina.

WESTERN Provincial (WP) Premier David Gina has questioned where were Solomon Islands Government and China when his province was in a desperate situation to prepare the province against the threat from COVID-19.

He said the province has worked immensely during the COVID-19 preparedness period without receiving any response from their appeals.

The WPG Media office confirmed Gina’s statement saying that his government has no problem with the China/Solomon Islands relation and that his relationship is still intact.

“The underlying reason for my media statement is that the Western Province has worked so hard and immensely in its COVID-19 preparedness, responsive programs and has called for support but received no clear responses for the national government.

“The province has used up its limited resources and so unable to fulfill our programs as we are handicapped on many areas,” stated Premier Gina.

Gina again reiterated that his province was the first to deliver a budget to the government due to the many challenges faced.

He continues to question; “Where is China during this unprecedented situation?” 

Being a province situated towards one of the country’s most active borders, it is seen that the west should have been equipped, facilitated and funded since the pre-covid19 period, he added.

“It has already been a year now since WP has expected its given request to China on projects we want to see happen and again facilitate on our behalf establish a sister relation with a province in China.

“But WP knows very well that because of the COVID-19, nothing is almost possible including projects of whatever nature.

“However, during the period of the COVID-19, China can arrange to visit all provinces to know the kind of assistance necessary to the situation of each respective province with or without request, if China has acknowledged the support of the relationship,” he expressed.

Two weeks ago the WPG received on behalf of the province a donation of COVID-19 protective equipment from South Korea through Eagon Pacific Plantation Limited without any request made to them.

“This shows a good example of a good relationship,” he said.

In his concluding statement, Gina highly recommends China to visit all provinces as they (provinces) do not have the capacity to fight this enemy and that this is the right time for this relationship to be cemented.

In Gizo