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16 August 2020
Daniel Suidani delivering his speech at the Malaita Day celebrations.

‘Suidani challenges leaders to serve’


MALAITA Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has challenged leaders of Solomon Islands to follow the country's motto ‘To lead is to serve.’

Premier Suidani in his speech to mark the Malaita Province’s 37th second appointed day said that leadership is still an issue in the country and remains problematic over the years to this day.

The Premier said it is important to know the current leadership position before mapping a way forward for the province and country as a whole.

The Premier Highlighted that lack of basic infrastructure in sectors such as roads, health, and education, economic have negatively impacted the livelihoods of our people,

He also stressed that law and order remain a challenge for this nation.

He said this could be attributed to the leadership issue that has been around for some years now and what transpires between his government and the national government are a culmination and continuation of these frustrations.

"The way we attempt to do development is contradicting the country’s leadership issues and it must be addressed head-on."

"We still have a long way to go and the road ahead has many challenges whether it is small or big."

"I am convinced that there are many issues both at the national and the provincial levels that our people expect us to address."

"The big question is who should address these issues."

"These issues cannot be addressed nor resolved if leaders continue to serve their own interests rather than working towards the nation’s common good."

 "The reason why our people are complaining is because, they are left out of government services."

"As leaders, we should serve our people with honesty, loyalty, dignity, respect, and be their servant."

"I want us not to be bosses but servants to serve our people."

"The motto of the country is to lead is to serve, how much of that is true for us leaders who are present here today in Malaita and Solomon Islands," he added.

This paper understands that Malaita Province and the national government are not in good terms with each other since Suidani’s bold stand against the switch in diplomatic recognition to China last year.