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GTC puts stop on vendors

13 September 2020

Gizo Town Council Management has issued a stop notice to all betelnut, root crop, fruit and vegetable vendors from using the MSG building to sale their produces.

Speaking to Solomon Star Gizo, Gizo Town Council (GTC) Clerk Charles Kelly said that his office has recently served a notice on all vendors to stop selling with immediate effect.

Mr Kelly said that Gizo is the flagship capital of the province and his Division is working hard to promote tourism to boost the provincial economy.

 However, whilst his Division is struggling to give the township the much needed facelift, activities at the MSG building must be halted as they do not help the idea in anyway.

 ‘’Chewing, spitting and throwing of rubbish just about everywhere is an environmental and Health offence under the current legislations and worse still, an obvious nuisance,’’ he said.

“Not only ceasing marketing activities at the MSG building paramount, it is also part and partial of the provincial government’s preparedness initiatives against the potential entry of COVID-19 onto our shores,” Mr Kelly said.

 ‘’We cannot twist the bylaws that have already been in place and if one breaks it, it is an offence punishable under the relevant legislations,’’ he adds.

He added that the notice that his office issued to the public was endorsed by the office of the premier as catered for under the 1990 Gizo Town Ordinance and it ought to be respected.

The Town Clerk appealed to the public to respect and understand the Ordinance and to work together with the provincial government to ensure a livable town for all.

He added that he is campaigning to ensure the bylaws and ordinances are complied with and those that act in contravention must be equally held to account for their actions.