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In court with Assumpta

17 September 2020

* Extra marital affair case before court
* Men convicted of attack, arson at Lambi area
* Malaysian national found guilty


Extra marital affair case before court

THE defence case on the case of a man accused of psychologically abusing his wife over an extra martial affair will commence this afternoon.

The man is facing trial for one count of domestic violence- psychological abuse under the Family Protection Act.

The trial started yesterday before Principal Magistrate Tearo Beneteti.

The complainant gave her evidence in court.

At the close of the prosecution case, the defence applied for a “no case to answer”.

Beneteti however found the accused has a case to answer and adjourned the matter for the defence case today.

The alleged incident happened on February 20, in Honiara.

It was alleged that the accused’s wife told duty officers at the White River Police Post to call her husband to come to the police post.

This is to sort out a problem between them and another girl that the accused allegedly had an affair with.

The girl is a cousin of the accused’s wife.

The accused however did not answer his phone.

The accused later called his wife and his wife told him to come to the police post to sort out the problem.

The accused’s wife also told the accused that the girl he had an affair with was also at the station.

He however allegedly texted his wife using threatening, abusive and insulting words to her.

The accused’s wife felt bad about those texts and therefore reported the matter to the police.

Public Solicitor’ lawyer Tracy Aisa is representing the accused while Public Prosecutor Iete Tebakota appears for the Crown.


Men convicted of attack, arson at Lambi area


THREE people have been convicted of charges in relation to arson and attack on a village at Lambi area, Guadalcanal in retaliation of an alleged sorcery related death yesterday.

John Kemabule had stood trial for two counts of arson.

His co-accused Timothy Bobongi and Peter Rade had stood trial for charges of acts intended to cause grievous harm and assault causing actual bodily harm.

Following their conviction yesterday, Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea had them remanded in custody.

The mitigation and sentencing submissions on their matter will be made in court on September 23.

A fourth accused Michael Belande has been acquitted of the charge following a “no case to answer” made at the end of the prosecution case.

The men were part of a group of men who went and burnt down four houses at Walehi Village at Lambi area on 13 September 2017.

Two men were also assaulted on that day.

The incident was related to an alleged sorcery case.

Kemabule was found guilty of burning two houses while Bobongi and Rade were guilty of assault.

Five other men who were charged in relation to this incident namely Robert Keki, Stenert Edward, Augustine Taravania, Bartista John and Fredric Samson Belia are currently under warrant of arrests.

The warrants of arrests were issued after they failed to turn up in court.

As a result trial was only conducted on the case of the four accused.

The Public Solicitor’s Office represents the men while the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) appears for the Crown.


Malaysian national found guilty


ONE of two Malaysians accused of attacking a local man last August at Lunnga, East of Honiara has been found guilty of the offence this week.

Leu Liang Han, 26, has been found guilty after a trial of one count of unlawful wounding.

His co-accused Mieng Lee Lau, 44 who also stood trial for the unlawful wounding was, however, acquitted of the offence.

This is in relation to the incident that happened on 24 August 2019 at Lunnga.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea found that the complainant sustained injuries to his head as a result of a strike with an iron rod by Mr Han.

Han who is the assistant manager for the logging giant Samlinsum earlier that afternoon had an argument with the complainant at the Samlinsum compound.

It was heard that the complainant entered the Samlinsum compound on the day of the incident.

He had an argument that escalated into a fight with Han.

They were later separated by a security officer and the complainant left the premises.

 Not long after, Lau, the general manager for Samlinsum was contacted and he went up to the company’s compound at Lungga.

Lau said he told Han to call police but Han told him did call Henderson and Central Police stations but they were busy.

Lau had told the court that he and Han drove after the complainant to a market stall and saw him there.

They went out of the vehicle and Lau asked the complainant why he caused disturbance at the Samlinsum area.

He said the complainant threw stones at him and that was when Han went and hit the complainant with the iron rod.

Lau also said he asked Han to stop hitting the complainant.

Han in his evidence had told the court the complainant wanted to stone his boss so he whipped him.

Iomea however said he does not accept the defence of self-defence as credible and reliable.

He said he accepted evidence from the prosecution witnesses that the complainant never tried to shoot Lau before he was struck with an iron rod

From witnesses’ evidence Iomea found that Han hit the complainant with an Iron road.

In relation to Lau, he said according to witnesses’ evidences Lau did not do anything but was seen standing there.

Iomea therefore said he found prosecution failed to prove the guilt of Lau beyond reasonable doubt and acquitted him.

Sentencing submissions and mitigation on the matter of Han will be made in court on September 18.

Iomea extended his bail as he said Han had been faithfully attending court and poses no risk of absconding.

Public Prosecutor Francesca Angilio Luza had asked court to remand him while Han’s lawyer asked for his bail to continue.

Wilson Rano of Rano & Company represents both men.