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Forau’s accusation of PM& PMO staff

Dear Editor - In the Solomon Star Issue 5617, the Director General of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), Mr Peter Forau labeled the PM as “failed the country” and “…allowed himself to be misled by stupid citizens with self-serving interests and motives who are working in the PM’s Office.”

Drivers must respect pedestrians

Dear Editor - As a citizen of this country I have been very disappointed on how drivers of vehicles have carelessly  and do think that they own a walk path and do whatever they may wish without think the risk of pedestrian used that walk path every morning and evening.

Dr Rodgers for PM’s job

Dear Editor – I received wonderful news last week that Dr Rodgers, the former Director General for SPC is running in the elections.

Tambalivu celebrates feast day

Tambalivu church of Visale parish in northwest Guadalcanal celebrated feast day of the holy name of Mary last Friday.

Six new Telekom towers for West soon

With the continuation and growth in the expansion of mobile network in the country Our Telekom is currently working on the civil works for new mobile towers for selected communities in Western Province.

Thailand cuisines now available here

If you are from Thailand or love to eat Thailand cuisine then there is a place in the heart of Honiara city which can offer your favourite Thai dish.

Marovo tourism operators receive training

An eyeopener, educational and well advanced tourism training ended successfully last Thursday in Batuna, Marovo lagoon, Western province.

Bank plans package for older age

Pan Oceanic Bank (POB) says it will design a product that will allow old age people to have the chance to benefit from the services provided by the bank.

Political Holiness

I’ve heard so much about the ‘term dirty politics’ and I was wondering as to whether there is a counter argument against that. Sometimes given that we know it, but unable to counter it with another view or opinion, there is a tendency to remain one sided instead of giving a counter view on the argument.I’m talking about “political holiness” in politics.

Water is life

Dear Editor – Please insert this short note of mine about how the Japanese Government must have felt in relation to the handing over ceremony that occurred on Wednesday the 3rd September 2014.