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Short bus route

Dear Editor -This is not a new issue but the public outcry seems not to be taken note of by responsible authorities, a sign of no care attitudes.

Sikaiana proposal project

Dear Editor – Fishing project is the only gift Sikaiana community relies on in long terms and sustainable operation.


Dear Editor – After exchanging arguments with my friends I finally made up my mind to share thoughts in the media. Please allow me a space in your editorial to make this worth.

Kasika Island

Dear Editor – A letter in responding to an article in the Solomon Star on Thursday 5th Dec. 2013, over the ownership of Kasika Island by; Mr. Harry Dikimane of Hogokama tribe.

Temotu teachers traveling allowances

Dear Editor – It has been a sorry thing that Temotu Teachers Travelling Allowances (TTA) has been paid to a shipping company by Temotu Education Authority (TEA) has been used by few teachers for their own benefit and also by non teachers who pretend and claim themselves as teachers of Temotu, “shame on you” Tisa lelebet!

The deportation of Moti QC

Dear Editor – The issue surrounding the deportation of Moti QC is an issue that needs close scrutiny by all intelligent Solomon Islanders.

Unfair distribution of East Honiara constituency funds

Dear Editor – Before raising my concern I wish to congratulate the MP for East Honiara and his CDO for a work well done in giving to the people of East Honiara their dues in terms of RCDF, Millennium, Livelihood and other funds that meant to assist the people of East Honiara for Development.

Illegal logging in Shortlands

Dear Editor - On one of your pages on Friday 28/2/14 of your Solomon Star Newspaper No 5442 ran a news article of the above illegal logging on Shortland Islands by Raymond Halepsolo.

Who owns MV Utah Princess?

Dear Editor – On the front page of your issue no. 5445 dated Tuesday 4 March 2014, your paper alleged that Hon. Selwyn Riumana owned MV Utah Princess.

Should we vote back the Lilo cabinet?

Dear Editor – I read a copy or two of Solomon Star each week for the last six weeks.