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Media have a key role in tuna management: FFA

THE head of the Forum Fisheries Agency says an informed media can play a key role in helping the public and decision makers to respond effectively to the economic crisis in the Pacific’s albacore long line fisheries.

The Government is facing a budget crisis barely a month after it rushed through an historic $3.2 billion election budget only last December.

What Spain can do for Solomon Islands

TEN years after the last time Spain was part of the UN Security Council, my country has decided to launch a new candidacy for a non-permanent seat for the biennium 2015-2016.

ON gender equality – it is no secret that the Pacific is lagging.

Women in men’s world

WHEN you think of SIEA (Solomon Islands Electricity Authority), you normally think of men in orange overalls working on power poles or fixing generators, or checking meter boxes.

Why do avoidable deaths occur?

THE remarks below were made by an Australian Judge Justice Stephen Pallaras, who had been serving in the country. These were remarks made in relation to a murder case he judged. This is the observation he made in relation to deaths and service provided by the National Referral Hospital.

POLITICAL COMMENTARY: ‘2006 riot is a wake up call’

Solomon Islanders are anticipating for going into the pools for national election in December.  Interestingly the political climate now is MP’s and intending candidates, joined the political race and campaigning is in top gear, in the streets of Honiara, provincial centres, rural areas even to their door steps.

Educational commentary: ‘Lilo’s greatest gift’

As the Gordon Darcy Lilo government the National Coalition for Rural Advancement (NCRA) is coming to an end; to be frank his term expires on September when our Parliament will dissolve.

How a magistrate bullied us

ON the 24th of March, 2014 we were in a court room at the Honiara Magistrate waiting for our Customary Land Appeal Court (CLAC) cases to be heard.

SIEA generators

Dear Editor – Its with excitement to read last week about SIEA commissioning two new generators at its Honiara power station.