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The festival fever heats up-lets get ready

The excitement about the 11th festival of pacific arts (FOPA) is mounting.

Royal visit is next

The Festival of Pacific Arts has gone.

Threats from guns still remains

The incident on Sunday which involved the alleged shooting of an Asian logger near Geza village, North East Guadalcanal sends a message.

Fellowship for our public officers

FOR the first time in the history of this country the government was able to organise a church fellowship program for its public officers.

Demanding huge compensations must stop

EVERYONE must know that compensation is not an opportunity to extort money or goods from someone or another party.

Gov’t please, end the strike

SO our teachers have resumed their nation-wide strike action.

Please, end the strike

THE second teachers’ strike has entered its third week.

Give our locals the top job

GOVERNMENT’S intention to appoint a local to head our police force is not a bad idea at all.

A dirty city

NUMEROUS efforts to clean up the capital city have got us to nowhere.

Congratulations to Our Telekom

Sunday marked the 25th years since Our Telekom started off as a company on July 21st 1988.