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Video Technology Skyward: Bringing Aerial View Closer

24 March 2014

After months of testing with the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji, a Nadi company, Skyward Industries, has gone airborne with the latest in DSLR camera technology.

Skyward Industries provides a new breed of services to various industries while simultaneously benefitting the local community.

The company is utilising heavy duty remotely piloted machines.

Company chief executive officer and managing director Kevin M. Rotsaert said: “Over the past five years of working in this ever expanding field we have gathered the knowledge, tools and experience to perform on an entirely new level.

“With the collective knowledge of the team in Aeronautics, Engineering, Environment, and aeronautical regulation and Management we are able to provide clients with precisely what they need, and more.”

Despite the beautiful digital media for advertising purposes, Skyward Industries is also equally, if not more focused on the future development of this technology in Fiji and the rest of the Pacific Islands.

It is currently expanding operations in search and rescue, disaster relief, infrastructure inspection, land inspections and geomapping. Additionally, the company hopes hope to evolve the industry to greater potentials, one safe step at a time.

The owners of the company have already invested well in the millions as it continues to grow and expand over the coming years.

Based in Nadi, the location provides great access to a number of its prospective clients ranging between tourism, land development, real estate, general marketing, resorts and many more.

They are currently in the process of hiring young Fijians to join in the expansion of a new and rapidly evolving aviation industry.

“However, we must take all safety precautions, step by step, in order to avoid unwanted incidents now and in the future,” Mr Rotsaert said.

Our new company, Skyward Industries Ltd, was born in January with the main purpose of providing services based around aerial robotics, research and development of this new discipline in Fiji, and eventually manufacturer of related equipment and aircraft.

The company is already equipped with the latest high end software for post processing of data and video/photo.

“Our company will reinvest all its income and inject further capital for further development, hiring and training national graduates and bring the team to the next step.”

With the help of reputable Universities in Canada and USA and specialized manufacturers in Europe, the next platforms are being designed for specific purposes in Fiji.

These purposes are for emergencies and rescue first responder, airborne repeater systems, as well as airborne surveillance.

“We are working hand in hand with Government Authorities in developing this new Aviation in Fiji.

“We believe that the combination of expertise and long experience in Aviation, Management, Engineering, Environment and business from our people provide the necessary assets to bring these ambitious projects to successful and safe term.

“We also know that thanks to the tremendous enthusiasm and support from our Government, Fiji will probably be at the front end of technology related to this new industry on the International scene.

Suva (Fiji Sun)