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Fiji leading the Pacific in addressing poverty

13 March 2014

Fiji TV - Fiji is one of eight countries in the region where 20 percent of the population still live in hardship – meaning they are unable to meet all of their basic needs.

But according to a World Bank report, Fiji still leads the Pacific when it comes to efforts to reducing those hardship and vulnerability.

About 40 percent of Fiji’s population live in poverty according to the last household survey conducted.

World Bank economist and lead author of the Pacific Hardship and Vulnerability report, Melissa Adelman says this is fairly high compared to other countries.

However Fiji has very developed systems that help reduce vulnerabilities.

The report also identifies how and where hardships and vulnerability are experienced so that government can focus resources where they are needs reduce vulnerability, it has its limits.

The research was based on household surveys and national data from eight Pacific Island countries.

- Fiji TV