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Beef raking in millions

05 June 2014

New Britain Palm Oil’s cattle operations in Ramu and Numundo in West New Britain, had generated K17.4 million in revenue last year.

Chief executive Nick Thompson said cattle production looked promising this year.

According to its report last year, the company produced 1,435 metric tons of beef, up from 1,304 the previous year. Their entire product was sold domestically.

Thompson said although cattle production was just a smaller part of NBPOL’s business, it was gradually growing.

“The cattle will be small because you’ll see it as a very small part of our business,” Thompson said.

“The cattle had a record year last year in terms of its contribution and I think that will be smashed this year.”

According to the report, breeding work continues to steadily improve the herd genetics at both sites and the management’s focus on nutrition and animal condition was showing strong results.

Thompson said: “So it’s on an upward trend in terms of its quality.”

Constant work on improving pastures, increasing fodder crop production and increased feedlot capacity had seen slaughter weights continue to improve averaging 257 Kgs per head last year.

The Ramu and Numundo premium beef brands continue to strengthen with the improved quality.

The report said the domestic demand for consistently good quality beef remained high, a trend that looked set to remain for the next few years.

“While beef production will continue to play only a minor role in the overall investment strategy for the group, it has its place especially in areas where cattle and oil palms can be intercropped or on areas where oil palms are unsuited as a sole commercial crop.

“The company’s commitment to excellence in all facets of the group’s operations is reflected in the improving quality of our cattle and increasing demand for our beef products.”

Port Moresby (The National)