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PIDF signs agreement with environment group

24 June 2014

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) entered into an agreement last Friday declaring their commitment to collaborate on initiatives related to sustainable development, particularly in advancing the concept of a green economy.

PIDF and IUCN collaborated on several activities in the past year including the establishment of PIDF and the development of its strategic mission, purpose and function that define the strategic underpinnings and approach to inclusive sustainable development.

Both organisations have also collaborated on the Green Growth Leaders Coalition initiative for the Pacific.
According to the Interim PIDF Secretary General, Feleti Teo, “this is a formal endorsement of an already exiting collaborative and cooperative working arrangement between PIDF and IUCN. IUCN was one of the first partners to recognise the meaningful contribution that PIDF can make to the regional efforts toward achieving inclusive sustainable development. And for that PIDF is most grateful”.
The agreed areas of partnership under the signed Memorandum of Understanding are focused on sustainable development, the protection of the environment and the advancement of a Green Economy in the region. The MOU provides a platform for cooperation as the two organisations work together in pursuit of environmental sustainability in the region.
“Partnering with the largest global environment organisation is a significant achievement in particular because of PIDF’s concentrated focus on enabling green-blue Pacific economies,” adds Teo.
PIDF was established in 2013 to empower Pacific people in economic developments using the green-blue economy principles. IUCN brings value as a global membership-based organization that includes governments, NGOs and expertize that can assist PIDF and support their environmental-based initiatives.
IUCN firmly believes that a Green Economy should be based on a clear recognition of the fundamental dependence of human wellbeing on nature. As such, biodiversity and ecosystems need to be kept at the centre of a green economy transition.
IUCN Oceania Regional Office Regional, Director Taholo Kami also welcomed the signing and added, “PIDF provides a unique platform that will complement the regional organizations by bringing a focus on multi-stakeholder participation on important sustainable development issues including big decisions on the environment and biodiversity conservation.”
The MOU is for a period of five years.